Cantilever Control Box

Cantilever Control Box

  • IP66 cantilever support arm control box

    IP66 cantilever support arm control box

    ● Customization Options:

    Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel.

    Size: customized height, width, deepth.

    Color: any color according to Pantone.

    Accessory: thickness of material, lock, door, gland plate, mounting plate, protective cover, waterproof roof, windows, specific cutout.

    Industrial and commercial power distribution.

    ● The cantilever control box is easy to disassemble and flexible to use, the board can be made into any straight line, square corner and arc shape.

    ● It has many standard equipment installation units. From a small screw to the cantilever control box panel are the embodiment of the modular design of this series of cantilever control boxes.

    ● It is widely used in the installation of various man-machine interfaces and accessories on CNC machine tools, assembly lines and special equipment.