Dustproof compact electrical enclosure


Dustproof compact electrical enclosure

● Customization Options:

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum.

Size: customized height, width, deepth.

Color: any color according to Pantone.

Accessory: thickness of material, lock, door, gland plate, mounting plate, protective cover, waterproof roof,windows, specific cutout.

Industrial and commercial power distribution.

● Indoor and outdoor use are all available for metal enclosure.

● The compact enclosure provides maximum data quality and seamless engineering, plus safe, flexible assembly and interior installation.

● Up to IP66, NEMA, IK, UL Listed, CE.

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The electric enclosure is equipped with a detachable galvanized mounting backplate for easy installation of electrical components. The four wall-mounted mounting holes on the back can quickly fix the electrical box on the wall.

The bottom of the electrical box is designed to facilitate threading. The grounding screws have been installed in advance, and the cutouts are smooth to avoid damage to the cables.

It can be customized by different materials, like Stainless steel/Galvanized steel/Sheet steel/Aluminum and also can be customized in different sizes and structures for different application.

All our products are following the standard of CCC, CE, NEMA, UL.

High IP rating: It can reach IP66, nema4 or nema4x with excellent waterproof and extremely strong dust proof performance. PU foam sealing gasket process is used inside the door and the entire enclosure is Seamless Corners.

High IK rating:It can reach Ik10. The strong stiffeners and the Epoxy polyester powder coated RAL7035 surface treatment can anti crack,acid rain or UV.

Elecprime weatherproof electrical enclosure is designed to house electrical controls, instruments, and equipment in an outdoor, weatherproof environment. Our weatherproof electrical enclosure will protect your components against rain, snow, and sleet. The rubber gasket around the lid forms a dust and moisture-resistant seal, thus making the enclosure essentially weatherproof.

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