IP66 dustproof aluminum electrical enclosure


IP66 dustproof aluminum electrical enclosure

● Customization Options:

Material: aluminum 2014, 3003, 4032, 5052.

Size: customized height, width, deepth.

Color: any color according to Pantone.

Accessory: thickness of material, lock, door, gland plate, mounting plate, protective cover, waterproof roof,windows, specific cutout Industrial and commercial power distribution.

● Indoor and outdoor use are all available for aluminum enclosure, lighter weight, better sealing, higher impact resistance, and greater corrosion resistance.

● Up to IP66, NEMA, IK, UL Listed, CE.

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Aluminum distribution enclosures with lighter weight, better sealing, higher impact resistance, and greater corrosion resistance.

Made of cast aluminum that offers outstanding impact resistant and electrical insulation, Moisture-proof, sunscreen, anti-corrosion, durable for years use.
This sturdy junction box can be drilled and shaped easily without cracking, so it's also suitable for your various DIY projects.
Light weight and easy to carry, perfect for Electrical projects, and various types of instrumentation, chassis cabinets, electrical and more.
Easy to install and use.

All our products are following the standard of CCC, CE, NEMA, UL.

It can be customized by different sizes and structure for different application.

Optional Supply with patent: Side rack/Protective cover/Mounting bracket.

Aluminum Junction Boxes General Electrical Metal Project Enclosure Waterproof IP66, Abrasion Resistant, Good Heat Dissipation for Indoor Outdoor.

Electrical boxes are the workhorse of electrical repairs and remodels, serving as end or transition points for electrical cables. Outlets, light switches, ceiling lights, ceiling fans, and transition wires are just a few of the items that are installed in electrical boxes.

Ultra-strong, fireproof, and incapable of being melted, aluminum metal boxes offer the greatest level of security for all electrical wiring applications.

It is recommended that you wear gloves when working with metal boxes, Metal boxes can also be used with Romex or NM wiring if desired, though special precautions must be taken to ensure proper grounding.

Also use metal boxes with interior exposed applications. Typically, electrical boxes are recessed in walls. But areas such as unfinished basements and mudrooms may not have a complete wall system that allows for the box to be enclosed by drywall. A typical installation in these cases involves attaching the exposed box directly to a masonry wall. Because the wires are also exposed, metal conduit is required.

Size of enclousure(H*W*D)
500x400x210 Size of enclousure(H*W*D)
500x500x210 400x400x160
600x400x210 500x500x160   Size of enclousure(H*W*D)
600x500x210 500x600x160   600x400x260
600x600x210 600x500x160 600x500x260
700x500x210 600x600x160  700x400x260
700x600x210 600x700x160 700x500x260
700x700x210 700x600x160 700x600x260
800x500x210 700x700x160 800x400x260
800x600x210 700x800x160 800x500x260
800x700x210 800x600x160 800x600x260
800x800x210 800x700x160 800x700x260
900x600x210 800x800x160 900x500x260
900x700x210 800x900x160 900x600x260
900x800x210 900x700x160 900x700x260
1000x700x210 900x800x160 1000x600x260
1000x800x210 900x900x160 1000x700x260
1000x900x210 1000x800x160 1000x800x260
1100x700x210 1000x900x160 1100x600x260
1100x800x210 1100x800x160 1100x700x260
1100x900x210 1100x900x160 1100x800x260
1200x800x210 1200x900x160 1200x700x260
1200x900x210 1200x1000x160 1200x800x260

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