Low & medium voltage paralleling switchgear


Low & medium voltage paralleling switchgear

● Customization Options:

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel.

Size: customized height, width, deepth.

Color: any color according to Pantone.

Accessory: thickness of material, lock, door, gland plate, mounting plate, protective cover, waterproof roof, windows, specific cutout.

Industrial and commercial power distribution.

● Indoor and outdoor use are all available for metal enclosure.

● High IP grade, strong and durable, optional.

● Up to IP55, NEMA, IK, UL Listed, CE.

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Switchgear is a broad term that describes a wide variety of switching devices that all fulfill a common need: controlling, protecting, and isolating power systems. Although this definition may be extended to include devices to regulate and meter a power system, circuit breakers, and similar technology.

Circuits are designed to handle a limited amount of electricity, and when too much current passes through, it can cause the wiring to overheat. This may damage vital electrical components, or even lead to fires. Switchgears are designed to defend equipment connected to a power supply from the threat of electrical overload.

In the event of an electrical surge, an effective switchgear will trigger, automatically interrupting the flow of power and protecting the electrical systems from damage. Switchgears are also used for de-energizing equipment for safe testing, maintenance, and fault clearing.

There are three different classes of switchgear systems: low-voltage, medium-voltage, and high-voltage. To determine which switchgear system is right for you match the design voltage of any system to the voltage rating of the switchgear.

1. High-Voltage Switchgears
High-voltage switchgears are those that control 75KV of power or more. Because these breakers are designed for high-voltage use, they often include improved safety features.

2. Medium-Voltage Switchgear
Medium-voltage switchgear are used in systems from 1KV up to 75KV. This switchgear is often found in systems involving motors, feeder circuits, generators, and transmission and distribution lines.

3. Low-Voltage Switchgear
Low-voltage switchgear are designed to regulate systems of up to 1KV. These are commonly found on the low-voltage sides of power-distribution transformers and are used across a variety of industries.

By carefully considering available spacing, cable access and installation requirements, we can design, manufacture and install control panels in various shapes, sizes and arrangements to fit within any given constraints. We can offer the shortest lead times and the most reasonable prices for switchgears that are designed and constructed to fully comply with any specification or particular requirements.

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