UL waterproof outdoor battery rack cabinet


UL waterproof outdoor battery rack cabinet

● Customization Options:

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel.

Size: customized height, width, deepth.

Color: any color according to Pantone.

Accessory: Optional material, lock, door, gland plate, mounting plate, windows, specific cutout.

High density cooling and power distribution.

● Contain various combination of batteries, connected in series and parallel, with positive, negative and middle point poles.

● High IP grade, strong and durable,optional.

● Up to IP54, NEMA, IK, UL Listed, CE.

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Battery pack cabinets are a type of safety cabinet that's designed especially for lithium-ion batteries. Over the recent years, as the prevalence of lithium-ion batteries has grown in workplaces, battery cabinets have become more popular due to the many risk control measures that they provide.

The key risks associated with lithium-ion batteries include:
1. Thermal runaway – this process occurs when an overheated battery cell results in an exothermic explosion.
2. Fire & explosion – lithium-ion battery fires and explosions can occur if batteries are subject to the wrong handling practices or storage conditions.
3. Battery acid leaks – battery acid spills and leaks can affect people, property and the environment and must be contained and managed.

Generally, battery cabinets provide the dual feature of safe charging and storage for lithium-ion batteries. Cabinets are equipped with an in-built electrical system that features multiple power points for battery charging within the closed cabinet.
In terms of storage, cabinets are usually constructed from sheet steel, with an acid-resistant powder coating. Features may include close-fitting, lockable doors, steel shelving and a spill containment sump to contain any battery acid leaks or spills. The cabinet's key risk control measures include temperature regulation, in the form of natural and/or mechanical ventilation systems, that help keep the lithium-ion batteries cool and dry while they're charging and in storage.

Battery cabinets are a convenient storage solution that encourages staff to maintain the correct handling and storage procedures. By charging and storing batteries in the one location, you are reducing the likelihood of batteries being lost, stolen, damaged or left in unsafe conditions (such as outdoors).

The battery pack cabinets are able to contain various combination of batteries, connected in series and parallel, with positive, negative and middle point poles. We offer many different options and accessories available, making every system unique and built to your site-specific needs.

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