IP66 waterproof sheet steel electrical enclosure


IP66 waterproof sheet steel electrical enclosure

● Customization Options:

Size: customized height, width, deepth

Color: any color according to Pantone

Accessory: thickness of material, lock, door, gland plate, mounting plate, protective cover, waterproof roof, windows, specific cutout.

Industrial and commercial power distribution.

● Indoor and outdoor use are all available for sheet steel enclosure.

● High IP grade, strong and durable, optional.

● Up to IP66, NEMA, IK, UL Listed, CE.

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Metal enclosure is used for indoor and outdoor protection, and the internal circuit switch is fully protected.
The thickness and size of the mounting plate can be customized.
If you need to open mounting holes on the mounting plate or metal enclosure, you can send the drawings and directly we use the machine to automatically punch the holes.
Mounting plate fixed to the bottom of the box by means of bolts. All box joints will be welded and polished.
This is more convenient for the installation of the circuit breaker.
The whole box is fully welded, without any welding points, and the edges and corners are smooth.

Industrial and commercial power distribution, indoor and outdoor use are all available for sheet steel enclosure, strong and durable, high IP grade: it can reach IP66, nema4 or nema4x with excellent waterproof and extremely strong dust proof performance. PU foam sealing gasket process is used inside the door and the entire enclosure is seamless Corners. High IK grade: It can reach Ik10. The strong stiffeners and the Epoxy polyester powder coated RAL7035 surface treatment can anti crack, acid rain or UV.

All our products are following the standard of CCC, CE, NEMA, UL.

It can be customized by different materials, like Stainless steel/Galvanized steel/Sheet steel/Aluminum.

Optional Supply with patent: Side rack/Protective cover/Mounting bracket.

Size of enclousure(H*W*D)
500x400x210 Size of enclousure(H*W*D)
500x500x210 400x400x160
600x400x210 500x500x160   Size of enclousure(H*W*D)
600x500x210 500x600x160   600x400x260
600x600x210 600x500x160 600x500x260
700x500x210 600x600x160  700x400x260
700x600x210 600x700x160 700x500x260
700x700x210 700x600x160 700x600x260
800x500x210 700x700x160 800x400x260
800x600x210 700x800x160 800x500x260
800x700x210 800x600x160 800x600x260
800x800x210 800x700x160 800x700x260
900x600x210 800x800x160 900x500x260
900x700x210 800x900x160 900x600x260
900x800x210 900x700x160 900x700x260
1000x700x210 900x800x160 1000x600x260
1000x800x210 900x900x160 1000x700x260
1000x900x210 1000x800x160 1000x800x260
1100x700x210 1000x900x160 1100x600x260
1100x800x210 1100x800x160 1100x700x260
1100x900x210 1100x900x160 1100x800x260
1200x800x210 1200x900x160 1200x700x260
1200x900x210 1200x1000x160 1200x800x260

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